We will be delivering on Sunday February 12th for Valentine’s Day!

Citrine Crystal Candle

Citrine Crystal Candle


A part of North Ave Candle's crystal collection, Citrine is a stone of warmth, enlightenment, optimism, and clarity. This candle is topped with citrine points, dried lemon peel twists, biodegradable gold glitter, and mica, and has a scent of Lemon & Ginger, an energizing blend of bright, zesty lemon and warm, spicy ginger
Before lighting, remove gems from top of candle and place somewhere special. Soy based, 70 hour burn time.

Delivery & Substitution Policy

We are committed to delivering your important emotional sentiments on time and as fresh and beautiful as possible. Due to the nature, seasonality, and regional availability of flowers it is sometimes necessary to make substitutions of equal or greater value. We will make every effort to maintain the "look and feel" of the arrangement by considering the overall shape, size, style, and color combinations.